Qigong/Chi Kung (chee-gong) is a traditional Chinese art famous for its healing and meditative aspects that are a thousands of years old. A profound method of relaxation and rejuvenation, Qigong is used by many martial and meditation disciplines to rejuvenate and strengthen the body for deeper training.

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Qigong rejuvenates and strengthens the body using deliberate relaxation.

Qi/Chi – energy of the body

Gong/Kung – skill developed through practice

Qigong/Chi Kung – skill with the energy and breath of the body developed through long practice

Using deep tissue connections in the body, a person can learn how to gently open the joints; strengthen the tendons and internal organs, while calming and re-wiring the mind.

Practice re-balances the body and supports the release of toxic build up from the body’s organs, tissues and muscles. Regular practice develops deeper relaxation and awareness of the body and spirit.



Studies prove that the benefits of practicing Qigong are incredible and numerous. Among them are:

~Increased focus and confidence

~Increased mental alertness

~Stronger immune system, shorter recovery time after illness or dis-ease

~Healthier joints, increased flexibility

~Internal massage of the circulatory, lymph, endocrine and nervous systems

~Improved blood and oxygen flow

~Muscle tone and endurance increases

~Little to no impact on the joints

~Internal organs are gently massaged improving their health

~Elasticity returns to the skin and muscles

~Calm awareness in the midst of chaos

~Increased balance and physical strength

~Wakes and Invigorates the second brain call the Dan Tien, just below the navel and an inch inside the body


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