Instructor – Kellie Winzinowich


“Three years ago, I began training with Sifu Kelly at Ching Wu. The class was MaGui Baguazhang and it was the single most challenging class I’ve taken in my life. The precision of movement required to perform simple mud-stepping reminded me of my gymnastics training, and I’ve been hooked on it since.

 Training Bagua, along with the 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong, has given me an opportunity to heal my tendons and joints, as well as strengthen my structure in a way that most regular exercise cannot do.  After giving birth to four children, my pelvis and lower back were very tight. My other exercise routines were no longer comfortable and often painful, or I was exhausted after doing them. Over time and with regular practice, Bagua and Qigong have helped me gain more internal strength in the fascia and musculature. Even when I am tired, circle walking or Standing Stake will work my cardiovascular health without overtaxing my system. It has taught me a lot about listening to my body and practicing those exercises that support my natural well-being as well as a way to defend myself from physical attack that works for a person of my stature. Learning Six-Harmony Xingyi and Xingyi Neigong have also given me improved coordination, increased internal power, body awareness, the ability to defend myself, and the best part–it makes me feel so alive!

My goal as an instructor is to provide the kind of support to a person’s healing and over health in a way that best supports them in their health and wellness process. The best thing about what we teach is that it can be tailored for ANY age and ability. I invite all new moms, busy parents, women, men, children, teens, grandparents–young and young at heart–to give our classes a try.” ~Kellie


Kellie Winzinowich has been a gymnast at heart for as long as she can remember—and that’s saying something as her first experience involved a family member flipping her around and dropping her onto her head!

At the age of six, she attended recreational classes in a local club in Oakbank, Manitoba. The club closed prior to her tenth birthday, and her coaches recommended she attend Panthers Gymnastics in Winnipeg. After one day in their recreational program, her coach recommended she move into competitive, and thus her competitive gymnastics career was born. By the age of 13, she made Team Manitoba which attended Western Canadian Championships where she placed 4th All-Around in her age category, and by age 14, she attended National Championships as a member of Team Manitoba. In May of 1990, she retired from competing ranked 33rd in the country for her age category.

She began coaching pre-competitive at the age of fourteen, and by the time she attended the University of Manitoba, she had a job teaching in the Aerials Gymnastics competitive program, as well as working for Mini-U and Sport Camps as a gymnastics instructor in the summer programs. After a couple of years, she was the assistant Head Coach for Aerials Gymnastics, later taking on the Administrative and Head Coach positions, which she held for almost ten years. In 1995, she graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Manitoba, and holds Level 3 Certification in Artistic Gymnastics in the National Coaching Certification Program, along with her Gymnastics Foundations LF Training.

Her dedication and strong work ethic served her well when she chose to be a stay-at-home mom for a while, and pursue being a published author and voice actor, under the name Kellie Kamryn. Today, she’s an award-winning author of romance, as well as a narrator for audio books for freelance clients and small press publishers, and for one documentary in 2014. After being on a hiatus from teaching gymnastics, she answered the call from Panthers Gymnastics when they were in need of a Kindergym coach. Happy to be home, she’s excited to help them celebrate their 50th Anniversary!

Three years ago, when other exercise practices weren’t healing her body, she took up the practice of the internal martial arts of Qigong and Baguazhang with Sifu Kelly Whelan-Enns. Today, they have combined their talents and teach together at Ancient Design~Waking Dao School of Awareness Movement and Martial Arts. They offer a variety of classes in Self Defence for women and teens, martials arts basics and tumbling for children, Qigong and Bagua basics for children with Autism, Iron Athlete Training, Fall Prevention and Training, and many more. See the Classes page to find a class near you, or to inquire about booking them for workshops!