Ancient Design ~ Waking Dao


The whole premise of ‘Waking Dao’ is that we are asleep to the Universe until we choose to wake up to what is going on inside and outside of us. The Dao, the Way is often talked about and conceptualized as something mysterious. Truth is often stranger than fiction and sometimes much simpler than our conditioned and limited 3D minds can imagine. With a systematic practice of breathing awareness combined with coordinating the breath and the body a person can relax past their pre-programmed conceptualized limited reality and into the depths of feeling connected through the breath to Creation.

In the same way Gregorian chants evoke a deep somatic response in the human body, Qigong and the relaxed breathing that regular Qigong practice supports and sustains can dissolve blocked patterns held in the mind and body. Looking at Qigong as merely physical exercise would be to mistake one wrench for the entire garage full of toolboxes you can give yourself with a few minutes of qigong a day.

The Ba Duan Jin is one such toolbox. All it takes is a bit of time. Easy enough to do in the morning or at night.

In short, learning how to breath and how your body responds to consistent relaxed breathing wakes up the body, calming and stilling the mind. This kind of practice of stilling the mind will open the mind up to deeper awareness of the body. This in turn teaches one the ability to dissolve tension in both the body and mind and let the body’s own wisdom rise to the surface.

The Ba Duan Jin has been successfully used by Kelly to treat asthma, bronchitis, allergies, bursitis and tendonitis.

Kelly’s DVD features two hours of instruction on Ba Duan Jin Qigong – Full 8 Pieces of Brocade

You can purchase a DVD here:

Eight movements that open and close the body, healing and building strength from the inside out. Famous for healing the organs, especially the kidneys.

Ba Duan Jin Case Studies:

Pushing Heavens with Both Arms

Mixing Heaven and Earth

Drawing the Bow Left and Right

Wise Owl Looks Around

Black Bear Wags Tail

Punching With Fierce Gaze

Touching Toes to Nourish the Golden Elixir

A Thousand Illnesses Turn to Dust

Zhan Zhuan

“Standing Still As A Tree” Strengthens the entire body – muscles, organs and bones. Deliberate use of static postures to develop health and awareness.

Earth Marrow Washing



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