Learn to hear and the world hears you.

Thoughts from a weekend of teaching and listening to others and expressing myself. This image inspired my reflection this morning while waiting for email to download. This is a long post so grab some tea and a biscuit or something lol ❤

Learning to still my mind … and quiet my limited thoughts patterns to hear my Heart has been the hardest and the most rewarding Journey. I still have lots to learn -though I have, with a lot of hard work, come to understand a great deal of how I interact with reality and create my reality. Healing sucks and is never easy and I will never, ever say it is otherwise. In order to empower others we must first step into our own strength. IF we cannot hear our own Hearts from the noise of our conditioned programming and mental jail cell … then we are not empowering ourselves .. and certainly we should avoid making any claims at empowering others.

My dearest friend Darlene Drewniak has provided an exceptional Gift of support in being able to develop my own understanding of Self and personal tools for learning to quiet my mind and hear beyond my programming and mental projections. Working in sessions with her over the last 15 years has been a true education in the mechanics of the mind and of how Love really does manifest. Amazingly challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

One of the biggest learning lessons I have experienced and witnessed in others, is that until a person has that first , second or third experience of feeling the Peace of quieting themselves and going inside and feeling the mind still they will continue to believe that they are or have achieved quiet through the control and suppression of feelings. I speak from my own personal experience of being attached emotionally to all the information about Peace and meditation and Love. We can be attached emotionally to many things – limiting our awareness of the situation we are creating and why … never mind the how. I used to go about my life assuming I understood what stillness was, what Peace meant (serious meditating practice for 15yrs) … when I encountered my limited ego mind for the first, second, 22,000th time … it gave me much deeper perspective than I ever could imagined let alone have thought existed.

My own experience has shown me that until you look inside, people, money, things, external to your Heart space will always have an influence over you that you are not aware of. Until you are aware of these attachments you cannot say you are empowered or that you can empower others. Until you are capable of standing strong in a space of stillness and observation of the mechanics of your limited ego mind, you cannot say you understand communication with others or with yourself. Yes of course we all are capable of talking, speech, writing, etc … but until you feel the stillness inside you cannot even pretend to be capable of truly appreciating the depth of the ways humans can communicate … or deny in the same breath.

This goes beyond active listening….active listening is a concept of mental analysis – it is still an exceptional skill to have, not that it is used by many. Feeling stillness inside is like developing the most sensitive kind of radar of the Heart. Often people will get stuck in the concept of the Void … this is a gap in understanding. The void of mental activity is not an end goal. It is a point of reference for the gap in fragmented mental programming that can only be found out through stilling the mind.

Once we begin to feel the fragments we have operated from for so long then and only then can we begin to heal our minds and change the way we use our minds in order to find our True Hearts and connect with our Soul.

The strength of facing these gaps between the fragments of our mental constructs and the strength required to stop ourselves from being manipulated by our conditioning and our habits of operating from this fragmented reality is very telling. To anyone who has spent any time disciplining their awareness and going inside to find the language of stillness .. when encountering people who operate blindly from a fragmented reality of mental projection, judgement and assumption of fear based ego … the loudness of a fragmented mind seeking to validate itself can be like ramming a grenade down your throat and pulling the pin.

When people hide and act from denial of their limited ego mind it is even louder.

It is in these moments that the Love we have for ourselves is the most important thing to share. To understand and accept and support others on their Journey – no matter what has always been THE primary source of my desire to nurture and connect with others. Love is always the answer in sharing and communicating. Sometimes Love comes out in very honest ways others are not ready to hear or accept because of attachment to past hurts or attachment to validating ego. Emotional filters always affect the interpretation of communication. This is why stillness is so vitally important to understand. IF we do not understand the emotional filters/baggage and the depth to which we can let them control our perceptions and understanding of ourselves and others, then there is no way to understand how to be honest with ourselves or with others, or to honesty when spoken by others.

Learn to hear and the world hears you.